JEM-F200 Cold FEG Electron Microscope

JEM-F200 Cold FEG Electron Microscope

JEOL JEM-F200 is a 200 kV multi-purpose transmission electron microscope with advanced features that are not found in any other non-aberration corrected TEM. The TEM is equipped with a cold field emission gun (CFEG).

TEM resolution (at 200 kV)

Point to point:   0.23 nm

TEM lattice image:  0.10 nm

STEM dark field:   0.16 nm


MAG (at 200kV):  xl000 to 2M

LOWMAG:  x20 to 60,000

Standard accelerating voltage

200 kV and 80 kV

Spot size (diameter)

TEM mode:  1 to 20nm

Probe mode:  0.5nm to 20nm

Convergence angle (200kV): 1.5 to 80 mrad


Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyzer

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